About Probable Cause

The Greg Denton Probable Cause Acoustic Trio is an improbable assortment of genre bouncing musicians homesteading in Guelph, Ontario.
Though the instrumentation is vaguely “traditional stringband”, the repertoire roams from folk, bluegrass, and classic country to r’n’b, punk rock, soul, hokum jazz, and back again. There’s even a smidgen of hand-wrought Greg Denton confabulations lurking in a typical set-list.

Current members include Greg Denton (vocals, guitar); Jen Rafter (vocals, gargles, yodels); Ben Alles (banjo, hollers); Jamey Rosen (piano); Harri Palm (acoustic slide and lap steel); Cam Werner (upright bass).

Harri Palm, Ben Alles, Jamey Rosen, and Cam Werner caught in their pre-gig vogue

A further coterie of musicians have either been members in the past, or are known to sub in here and there for a gig or two. These include Jesse Turton; Scott Fitzpatrick; Minnie Heart (Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band); Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies); Steve Vickery; Claire Taylor; Vanessa Tignanelli among others.

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